Is it reasonable? Background Checks

Second, you have straw purchases. What’s a straw purchase? Glad you asked. A straw purchase is when someone that is 18 years old buys cigarettes for an individual that’s 16 years old. Now to switch it to be guns. An individual who can pass a 4473 goes in, buys the gun, passed the background check, and then gives the gun to a non-eligible individual.

Yes, these happen very often. Yes people have died because of them. Here is an article where law enforcement officers were killed because of a straw purchased firearm.

I Hate Communism, You Should Too

…someone who thinks they are sophisticated might be saying something like… “But we have a social contract!”

First, define a social contract. Second, who has a social contract? Third, who decided that everyone was bound to the same social contract? I have no obligation to another individual that I never agreed to be obliged to. On the same token, that individual has no obligation to me since they never agreed to be obliged. You see…being forcibly obliged to other individual(s) is called slavery. Slavery was outlawed in the United States almost 200 years ago.