Mossberg 535 ATS Review

When I got the Mossberg 535 it was sort of a rush order, we had just figured out that a family of squirrels had dug their way into our walls, and none of the no-kill methods worked on getting them gone. So, I decided it was time to escalate the situation and went and bought the Mossberg 535 at Wal-Mart since they didn’t have a standard 500 in stock.

Beretta 92A1 Review

Beretta 92A1 The Display Case Giant The Beretta 92A1…the next generation of the Beretta 92FS which came with some very timely upgrades that many will appreciate. The Beretta 92A1 is a handgun that is easy to learn, easy to handle, and flat out nice to look at. This series of handguns has also gone through