Pocket Carry; Some Pointers

1. Back Pockets: Just don’t. Backpocket carry is on the list of “Worst Possible Ideas” when it comes to carrying a firearm.

Backpockets don’t have the same security as front pockets, I don’t think this is disputable. Their inability to stay closed at all times is why wallets get lost. This issue becomes even more of a problem when one starts to get active. Past the lack of “retention” if you will, your draw is going to be significantly slower than if the gun were in your front pocket. To add insult to injury, have fun getting to it while in a seated position.

Reloading Your Defensive Pistol

In the community there are three arguments on how one should reload their semi-automatic pistol. Some say to use the slide release, a very limited few say to jam the magazine in as hard as possible, and some say to just sling-shot the slide. For all intents and purposes, I am not a “trained professional”.

Chambered v Unchambered

Chambered vs Unchambered

A lot of people out there are still carrying unchambered and this is a very unsafe, verging irresponsible thing to do. The only “valid” argument isn’t even valid. In this article We’ll be discussing some of the truths, myths, and incorrect assumptions about carrying chambered.

Passive Self Defense

Before I get started, I want to say that I won’t really discuss defensive tactics or how you should train or what you should train with very often… I feel that that is something that greatly falls on you if you’re carrying any form of weapon for self-defense. That said, I want to ask what do you do for passive self defensive measures?

Open versus Concealed carry

Open carry versus concealed carry…. A debate that plagues the community with proponents for each method of carry. I’ll start off by saying that I do both and with that if you’re open carrying demeanor is everything. If you’re concealed carrying and wearing your tacticool pants, have firearm stickers on your vehicle, or wear firearm