What do China and New York have in common?

Per the guidelines, if you wanted a gun, or wanted to renew a carry permit, you would have to hand over your passwords and account information to officials. These searches will go back a total of 3 years and will be across the main search engines and social media platforms.

How To Buy a Gun Online

Are you tired of missing out on the online deals you find on firearms? After reading this guide you will know the basics of ordering a gun online. Some states do have additional requirements such as waiting periods, but the essentials are all the same. Step 1: Find a gun shop near you that will

HK USP Compact Review

Heckler & Koch USP Compact 9mm The Ultimate Beginner’s Pistol Thanks for checking out this TacCat review! Be sure to leave a comment on Facebook to let me know what you thought about this review! The Heckler & Koch USP line of pistols is potentially the most recognized pistol on the market due to how


Chambered v Unchambered

Chambered vs Unchambered

A lot of people out there are still carrying unchambered and this is a very unsafe, verging irresponsible thing to do. The only “valid” argument isn’t even valid. In this article We’ll be discussing some of the truths, myths, and incorrect assumptions about carrying chambered.

Adam Kraut Interview

I don’t think there should be duty to retreat at all. I think “Stand Your Ground” has been perverted in the public eye as to what it truly means. The Zimmerman trial was a really good example of it, they never asserted stand your ground in that trial. Yet it’s being used as the basis for arguments to repeal the law. You shouldn’t have to retreat when you’re being attacked in a place you are lawfully allowed to be, it’s as simple as that.