Another Mark Against Sig USA

Late night browsing is slowly becoming a favorite hobby of mine and what to my wondering eye did appear but another mark against Sig USA… I wish I was making it up, but I found an article from May of this year on a lawsuit that sprouted from issues in 2014 to 2016 with. Guess what though….it wasn’t with the P320 but with the P229 Enhanced Elite.

No Research= Negligence

Yes, you read that correctly. No Research is Negligence. We have all made a claim that we thought was true, but we couldn’t find the supporting evidence that we thought we had at one point, or in some instances find out that we interpreted that information incorrectly due to reading it too quickly. What I’m


Sig P320 Issues

I personally cannot recommend Sig Sauer to anyone until they answer one question, “Why not admit the P320 isn’t drop safe?” What are your thoughts on the P320 issue? Is this a gateway to firearm companies producing products that aren’t what they claim? Or do you think that other companies won’t sacrifice their quality and reputation to pump out new products?