Passive Self Defense

Before I get started, I want to say that I won’t really discuss defensive tactics or how you should train or what you should train with very often… I feel that that is something that greatly falls on you if you’re carrying any form of weapon for self-defense. That said, I want to ask what do you do for passive self defensive measures?

UTG Universal Shotgun Mount


Alright, so I finally purchased the UTG universal shotgun mount fromAmazon and got excited that I would finally be able to mount a flashlight to my Mossberg 535. Unfortunately it didn’t fit on the barrel due to the ribbing on the barrel. It did, however, fit on the mag tube….but wouldn’t allow the action to cycle completely so it is unusable.

Open versus Concealed carry

Open carry versus concealed carry…. A debate that plagues the community with proponents for each method of carry. I’ll start off by saying that I do both and with that if you’re open carrying demeanor is everything. If you’re concealed carrying and wearing your tacticool pants, have firearm stickers on your vehicle, or wear firearm

Legal firearm ownership and the murder rate

It is worth noting that Switzerland and Honduras both are similar size and matching populations…yet there is a drastic difference in the murder rate. It is also worth noting that the firearms ownership rate in Switzerland is nearly four times that than what is reported for Honduras. Canada also has an ownership rating of about 5 times that of Honduras.


Another Mark Against Sig USA

Late night browsing is slowly becoming a favorite hobby of mine and what to my wondering eye did appear but another mark against Sig USA… I wish I was making it up, but I found an article from May of this year on a lawsuit that sprouted from issues in 2014 to 2016 with. Guess what though….it wasn’t with the P320 but with the P229 Enhanced Elite.

No Research= Negligence

Yes, you read that correctly. No Research is Negligence. We have all made a claim that we thought was true, but we couldn’t find the supporting evidence that we thought we had at one point, or in some instances find out that we interpreted that information incorrectly due to reading it too quickly. What I’m