Holosun 509T? SHOT Show 2020

So, I’ve got limited information on this one and I pulled the image from Sage Dynamic’s Instagram account. Apparently in 2019 Holosun dropped a preview of the HE509T and this just might be the finished product.

Streamlight SHOT Show Coverage 2020

Streamlight SHOT Show Coverage 2020 So, I think Streamlight has officially become my favorite company to cover for SHOT Show. As most of you know, I’m not going to be attending. It’s too far away, it’s too costly, and everything that’s there I’ll be able to see at NRAAM this year if I decide it’s


HK VP9 Gets MIL Contract

Alright boys and girls, something happened in early December 2019 that kind of flew under everyone’s radar. The Heckler & Koch HK VP9 (or SFP9 as it’s know everywhere else in the world) got it’s first ever military contract. Who got it? Well, we’ll get to that. Prior to this new contract that HK picked up, the VP9 had only been adopted by a limited number of law enforcement agencies (predominantly German ones), and was being passed over for the M&P line or the Glock line.

Products You Won’t See Here

Products You Won’t See Here For funsies I figured I would do an article going over products that you just won’t see me reviewing. Some of these products I won’t do reviews of just due to bad experience, known problems with the products, the cost of the products not equaling the value. 1. VersaCarry Holsters

5.7x28mm For Self Defense; Is it a glorified .22WMR?

5.7x28mm has become somewhat of a “sacred cow” to some. It’s capabilities have been over-exaggerated and the owners of guns in this caliber drool at the mouth at the very thought of body armor. Meanwhile a whole other group of individuals starts to get white stuff around their mouth because they can’t refrain from calling it a glorified .22 Magnum.

We’ve Never Been Free of Tyranny

How does the eminent domain process work? Essentially, the federal, state, or local government can decide they want to build something on your land (or they want to sell it to another private entity), they send you a notice, then they send out an appraiser that they hired (with your tax money) that has a government issued license to appraise your property at “fair market value.”

“I bought my handgun, now what?”

Across the board I see everyone asking what handgun they should buy for their first one, why they should buy a specific one, etc. What I rarely ever see is, “What do I do¬†after I buy the handgun I’ve decided on?”

The few times I’ve seen it the responses were less than correct, those responses being “Time to look at the 2nd purchase!” Owning firearms is fun and buying them does become a hobby, to some extent. I love them, but I made the fatal flaw of just going and making that 2nd purchase without any forethought, so learn from my mistakes.

Felons And Gun Ownership

Felons And Gun Ownership Episode 1 of The Litterbox; The Official Podcast for TacCat Hello there! I’ve recently decided to start up a Podcast for TacCat! It’ll add a little more work, but it will fill voids between product reviews. For the very first episode I decided that I would do Felons and Gun Ownership,