Pete Brownell steps down from NRA Board of Directors

Since NRAAM there has been a ton of infighting between board members at the NRA. You have board members going after other board members, and you have NRA executives making statements that are blatant lies (I’ll be going more into this in another article).  For me, Mr. Brownell stepping down as a board member doesn’t come as a surprise.

CANIK brings out the ONE Series

So, earlier this month (May) Canik debuted the ONE series of the TP9. The ONE series is supposed to be the budget version of the TP9 line of pistols. If you’ve followed the TP9 since it hit the market, these prices may get your a little red under the ears. Now, before I go into the price, I’ll go over what they’re doing to bring the price down.

Glock 19x Review

Glock 19x Review A Love Hate Relationship The Glock 19x is one that I thrashed when it came out on the market. I saw no value in the design…why would someone want a a compact slide on a full-sized frame? Well, slowly but surely, my curiosity got the best of me. Between talking to a

Astra Cub

The Astra Cub is definitely one of those older guns that gets overlooked by the average collector and enthusiast, maybe because it was made in Spain, or because the name is relatively unknown. Personally, I think it’s a gun that should be high up on the list to get for a new collector that’s just getting started because they’re cheap.

Beretta 92x- NRAAM Coverage

Alright, so the day that I posted the photos of the Beretta 92x and made the comments I made, I was tired and worn out from the day before. Throw in a little bit of reflection, and my comment about the controls sucking was a little uncalled for. So, as a follow-up here’s my non-tired thoughts on this gun.

For those that don’t know, the Beretta 92x was designed for competition use. It has beefy controls, a stainless slide, a steel (not stainless) frame, and extended controls out the wazoo. The frame is actually a Vertec frame which should make some of you happy. It also comes from the factory with a superb trigger job on it. 

Archon Type B

Archon Type B Slight Disappointment The Archon Type B is what used to be Arsenal Italy’s new entry to the handgun world. Legalese here, legalese there, and Arsenal had to change their name to Archon. The Type B is the compact descendant of the famous Arsenal Strike One. From a mechanical standpoint the Archon Type

Nemo Arms Monark

The Nemo Arms Monark has been a gun I’ve been excited to mess with for quite some time. Why? It was one of the only metal framed striker fired guns on the market when I found out about it. It’s only competition? The late Hudson H9 (AKA the Hype 9). For those that have never heard of Nemo Arms before, they specialized in ARs and precision bolt guns, and within the last couple of years they decided to throw their hat into the duty-sized handgun game.

Naroh Arms N1 Debut

With the Naroh N1… I think the opposite is going to happen. It might not become the top dog of the segment (let’s be honest, the P365 is there to stay for a while) but it’s going to be able to hold it’s own as long as their marketing department does their part and there’s quite a few reasons why. So, without droning on any longer, let’s hop to it.

Spyderco Tenacious Review

Spyderco Tenacious Review It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Nope! It’s a KNAFE! I held a Facebook poll to see which review everyone wanted first for knives…the Tenacious took the lead, so here we are! The Tenacious is a knife that I had picked up slightly before the Ontario Rat 1…I liked it too much…