Bump Stock Rant from Facebook

Oh bump stocks… Bump stocks are stupid and they are a novelty item. But… They are apart of the 2nd Amendment. Just as suppressors, SBRs, SBSs, and AOWs. A ban on the bump stock rewrites the definition of what a machine gun is (machine guns also being apart of the 2nd amendment). Instead of the traditional definition of “one pull of the trigger will cause the firearm to fire until empty” it will now be dependent on fire rate.Yes, the bumpstock was a work around for an unconstitutional law; but rifles with one still fell into the semi-automatic category.

Patriot Cop Interview Part 1

The best advice I have for someone that wants to be one…is not to be one. A lot of my instructors and a lot of people who made their lives in this line of work… they’re pretty much the same way. I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone gets into law enforcement these days. A lot of people with the same core values as me agree. If you have the need to do it, go through your academy, and become a reserve officer.

Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie

I reckon its time that I gave my initial impressions on the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie. The Olight PL-Mini is a small compact light that was made to compete with the Surefire XC1 (I believe) and now competes against the XC1, the Inforce APLc, and Streamlight TLR-7… if you ask me that is a lot of stiff competition; but it is priced right.

Mossberg 535 ATS Review

When I got the Mossberg 535 it was sort of a rush order, we had just figured out that a family of squirrels had dug their way into our walls, and none of the no-kill methods worked on getting them gone. So, I decided it was time to escalate the situation and went and bought the Mossberg 535 at Wal-Mart since they didn’t have a standard 500 in stock.

Why would you need an AR15

“Well a shotgun could work for this situation as well!”
Maybe, if you don’t miss at all. A bear can run upwards of 40mph, a moose can run at 35mph, and wolves can run upwards of 50mph. A shotgun is severely limited in capacity. I you need to reload chances are you will die. Again the choice is the same as that of the bolt-action rifle vs the semi-automatic rifle.

The actual issues at hand with firearms…

As unfortunate as it is to say, in the United States no tragedy goes unused as fodder for political agendas by both politicians and mainstream media alike. Equally as unfortunate is that everyone seems to suffer extreme cases of tunnel vision immediately after tragedy strikes and they are unable to see the facts that get uncovered in the aftermath. These facts are crucial to understanding the issues that plague our nation.

Everyone secretly loves guns…

Everyone was excited when John Wick 2 came out; even those who “hate” firearms were excited. Everyone was excited for Grand Theft Auto 5, the new Call of Duty, or even Fallout 4. What do these all share? Firearms. There are staunch firearm haters out there who have even downloaded the “Modern Weapons” mod for Fallout 4 which puts real life weapons into the game. How crazy is that!?

Are revolvers outdated?

When it comes to striker fired semiautomatics I do need to conduct more testing. I can say that things aren’t looking much better. When I had the Walther PPQ I was experiencing “FTC” or failure to chamber malfunctions with very specific rounds of ammunition. The gun would almost be entirely in battery and the trigger could and would still release the striker (we’re talking a literal hair out of battery) and the rounds would not discharge.