Steadfast Holsters IWB Review

I ordered my holster from Steadfast late last year and got it in early November. The quality of the holster is great, there aren’t any rough edges, and the adjustable retention is great. The holster claw does a good job at keeping the holster anchored for AIWB carry and I haven’t noticed any abnormal discomfort while using the holster.

Naroh Arms N1…announced?

Enter the new comer that… no one has heard of. Naroh Arms is what appears to be a new manufacture down in Florida, although they have been around and producing OEM parts since 2013. The Naroh N1 is going to be on display at NRAAM this year, along with all the boomers carrying their 1911’s in Uncle Mike’s OWBs.

EDC On A Budget

Every day we see people who cheap out on their daily carry items because they just don’t have the money for quality stuff. I’m someone that’s on a tight budget currently, so when I’m making purchases I make sure to do a ton of research before pressing that fated “Place Order” button.


Is it reasonable? Magazine Restrictions

Before we get to answering this question, there are certain definitions that have to be laid out. There is also a lot of misinformation that gets spread by the media and politicians that has to be corrected by defining certain vernacular.

High Capacity/Large Capacity Magazines: If you aren’t a hobbyist like I am, you probably associate “high capacity” with anything that holds above 10 rounds of ammunition; that’s okay. You’ve been lead to believe that.

Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun

Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun The military recently announced that they have given Brugger & Thomet a $2.5 million dollar contract for 350 B&T APC9Ks. This contract also includes the magazines, slings, accessories, spare parts, and undoubtedly training for armorers. These new submachine guns are intended to be put in the hands of the

Why I’m Against Gun Laws

Today $200 doesn’t seem like much to many, especially with the average price of a quality firearm being $450+, but $200 to many is still “make it or break it” territory. With that being the case, should their financial status dictate whether or not they are able to exercise the rights affronted to them by the Constitution and beyond that their creator?

Why I Carry Appendix

You may be adamantly against appendix carry; hey, I was too. You may also think it isn’t a comfortable area to carry; but in my findings…a lot of the people who feel this way didn’t: have a dedicated AIWB rig, the right belt/holster set-up, or just flat out didn’t try it.

CRKT Ripple Review

The CRKT Ripple is a knife that I find to be extremely attractive. From the blade shape, the design of the serrations, even the 66 holes dotting the scales, and the 22 dotting the stainless steel pocket-clip. I really wanted to love this knife, especially for a lightweight gentleman’s carry…but it didn’t live up to my expectations.