Streamlight Seige AA

The Little Lantern That Could

The Siege AA, and yes, it is another one of Streamlight’s many offerings. From the School Bus yellow plastic to the rubberized black bits, the Streamlight Seige AA is a quality lantern on a budget. But unlike that old whale fat burning lantern passed down to you from your great grandparents that sits in the attic while you use your phone, the Siege serves a purpose for everyone, and I’ve been pleased with its performance so far.

Lets dive into the specs before we get to the review.


Height: 5.44 Inches
Diameter: 2.37 Inches
Weight: 9.1 Ounces
Output levels and run time:
White light: High-200 lumens @ 7 hours, Medium-100 Lumens @ 15.5 hours, Low-50 Lumens @ 37 hours
Red Light:  High-0.7 Lumens @ 192 hours, S.O.S-0.7 Lumens @ 288 hours
*Candela is not provided on the data sheet*
Bulb life: 30,000 hours
Power source: x3 AA batteries (not included)
IPX7 rated for water proof operation up to 1 meter (with the globe attached, it will float)
Tested for 2 meter impact resistance
Mounting options: Magnetic base, carabineer clip in the bottom, handle acts as stand, and the carry handle acts as another hanging option.
Body materials: Black rubber, yellow plastic, metal

To start the review off, lets talk about the controls and how it functions. The base unscrews in order to access the battery compartment, both locks into place and twists, and is also O-Ring sealed to keep water from getting in. In order to change between the white and red light, just hold the button down for approximately three seconds (no Mississippis counted). In order to change between brightness levels or the solid red/S.O.S. press the button again within 5 seconds of turning it on. As far as the materials used go, everything that is yellow is hard to touch, but everything that is black (bar the carry handle) is soft touch. The handle is covered with some type of rubberized coating which doesn’t seem to show any sign wear.

Now I do have to admit, when I got the Siege AA I honestly didn’t have a use for it… it was one of those “in case” purchases for when/if the power goes out. After having it for about a year… I have to say I want a couple more. With the days getting shorter now that we’re in winter, I’ve been yanking the Siege out to go work on my range late at night or when I would put our chickens up when we had them. It doesn’t give off the most amount of light, but it gives enough for someone to have good working light when small details aren’t a huge issue…such as counting your chickens at night.

On top of that the Siege offers a couple cool features to boot. One of those features is a 0.7 lumen S.O.S. feature that can run for 288 hours (12 days) if you needed it. There is also a carabineer type clip mounted in the base for hanging it upside down and the handle dubs as a stand and another way to hang the light. Additionally this lantern also has three magnets in the base of the light that seem to be pretty strong, most of the time I only use them to hang it on my desk, but I’m sure I’ll need them at some point or another in the future (If you’re a mechanic/work on cars at night, this is an excellent option for putting on the hood).

If by chance you need a brighter light all you have to do is twist off the dome! I would say if you’re going to use this as “emergency lighting” in your home, mount it to your refrigerator using the magnets and take the dome off.

A small lantern like the Streamlight Siege AA has a wide array of uses due to its compact size. It can be thrown in your glove box without taking up too much room, hung on your refrigerator for when the power goes out, or as a handy light you use on night walks with your favorite pooch. Where does the Streamlight Siege AA shine though? It makes it self at home greatly…in your home when the power goes out. Its perfect at illuminating rooms or tents and is great for all of its other purposes where the direct beam of a smaller flashlight just doesn’t seem to cut it. I will admit, I haven’t tested to see how well it actually floats, but it is pretty cool that Streamlight has designed it to do just that while being turned on.

There honestly isn’t a bad thing that I can say about the Streamlight Siege AA and for a $25 lantern it is awfully hard to beat. If you’re looking for handy little emergency lantern, or just an accessible battery powered lantern to use on the fly check out the Streamlight Siege AA. As always guys, thanks for reading and keep it practical out there!

Link to buy:
Yellow Streamlight Siege AA

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