New Optic Plates for Walther PPQ Coming Soon

So in my quest to determine what gun I’ll be getting next, I’ve been doing a lot of research into the Walther PPQ line. I had an M1 in the past and loved it, so I’m considering making it my chosen platform to run with. However, while doing my due diligence before going with it I noticed some things. Whereas the holster market is there for it (kinda sorta), the aftermarket world still hasn’t really picked it up.

This creates a problem for those that want to run the PPQ but also want to dabble into carry optics. Right now the optics ready models of the PPQ require you to lose your rear sight; which is a no-no in the defensive world. Past that, there’s very few companies that will even mill the PPQ. The one explanation I’ve gotten or that is due to how high the firing pin channel goes in the slide.

As someone who is wanting to try their hand with carry optics, this was disappointing so I began looking at the Sig Sauer P320 again (I know, a surprise coming from me). When I started doing that though, some things came out that will make all the PPQ fans rejoice.

First of all, C & H Precision Weapons will mill non-optic ready PPQ models for a nominal $125. They don’t have it listed on their website, just a generic “most non-1911/2011 slides”. I wrote them asking and they did confirm that they will mill the Walther PPQ’s slide; which is fantastic!

That said, let’s get to what this article is about.

1.Cody from Instagram (Walther’s marketing manager) posted two images showing the Q5 Match Steel Frame and the Q4 Match Steel Frame with back-up irons being ran with an optic on the gun. In the comments of the posts (Click here for the post) he told people that they would be coming soon, however, they’ll initially only be for the Trijicon RMR footprint. Considering the best optics on the market currently use that footprint, it’s no big deal.

I asked if these plates would work for the polymer framed variants of the Q’x’ Match guns, and I got positive confirmation that they will!

Whereas it sucks that these guns didn’t come to market with plates that could be used with BUIS, it’s nice that Walther is addressing the issue themselves instead of relying on the aftermarket companies to do it (if they ever would).

Overall, this is some great news for the Walther fans out there, especially those of you that are looking to get your slide milled, or those that have been eyeballing the Q series for carry purposes. And hey, maybe you’ll see a Q5 Match poly frame here on TacCat in the near future!

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