Police Select Walther PPQ

Alrighty, time to get down to some good ol’ fashioned gun news for everyone! As, hopefully all of you know, I recently picked up a Walther PPQ M2 5″ with the plan of making it my primary defensive handgun. And quite frankly, shooting it is like cheating all around. The stock trigger is phenomenal, the recoil impulse is better than you’d expect, and it feels great in the hand.

Which is why I’m pretty happy to see that 2 police departments in the United States have selected the Walther PPQ, /cue Jeremy Clarkson voice/ but first I want to talk to you about Poland. /end/.

A while ago I had gotten pretty excited, thinking that the Polish police had decided to start carrying the Walther PPQ; for those that don’t know I’m a filthy Polack. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the article that stated that, and nothing I’m pulling up supports it, but I did find something cool out.

Fabryka Broni Radom actually produces their own licensed clone of the Walther PPQ called the Walther P99RAD; basically it’s a modified PPQ and

it’s marketed as a military firearm…

What I’ve read shows there aren’t any non-cosmetic differences between the P99RAD and the PPQ M1, but it does appear that they can get it with a heavier, true double action trigger pull. Whether or not their Police are fielding this though, is a different question.

The few things I’ve found show that they’re still running the predecessor of the PPQ, the P99, and not the PPQ, or P99RAD. I also watched the video on the Polish police’s website…and it looks like it was filmed in the early 2000’s so… yeah.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm, nor deny, that the Polish Police have picked up the PPQ, or P99RAD, officially.

Okay, moving on to the news.

The York County Sheriff’s Department in Pennsylvania is making a couple big changes. First, they’re going from .40S&W to 9mm; which seems to be a common trend for law enforcement across the country. And one of the pistols they selected to issue? The Walther PPQ M2. Interestingly enough, they already had a few officers running the PPQ M2 in .40S&W almost as if they were test running the pistol beforehand.

The sheriff, Richard P. Keuerleber, cited superior ergonomics, and the trigger pull as some of the reasons behind them selecting the pistol. Beyond that they’ve already gotten an armorer’s course done to make sure that the agency could inspect and maintain their newly chosen sidearm.

The second department is Brevard County Sheriff’s Department in Florida with over 900 sworn officers. Like the York County Sheriff’s Department, Brevard County is switching from .40S&W over to 9mm, and with the switch they’re adopting the Walther PPQ M2 4″ for their standard personnel and the PPQ Q5 Match for their SWAT members…. and this is where things start to get pretty interesting.

According to the article from PoliceOne the first batch of officers to make the switch were the volunteers for the School Guardian Program, a program that puts armed guards in schools. Beyond the testing the department did with the pistol, the officers had an easier time with weapons manipulations, they had a better time handling the firearm, and their qualification scores even went up.

Overall, I think it’s great that the PPQ is starting to get some attention from law enforcement in the United States, It’s a great pistol for people who don’t shoot very often, it’s very easy to shoot, and it’s an extremely easy gun to learn on.

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