Steyr Arms v Sig USA, The Saga Ends

Way back in 2017 when Sig USA got awarded the M17 contract by the Department of Defense, a smaller, less known company Steyr filed a lawsuit against Sig USA. Steyr’s claim was that the Sig P320 used a chassis system that was an infringement on their patented chassis system. Since I’m not a lawyer and even less of a patent lawyer, I’m not going to try diving into whether or not Steyr had a case… but I will say that both chassis systems looked oddly familiar when watching take down videos.

Well, in February 2020 a conclusion came out that some of us were waiting to hear about. The case ultimately got dismissed during summary judgement by Judge Joseph DiClerico Jr.

Let’s go over the case briefly:

Steyr obtained a technology patent in 2001 and their lawsuit claimed that Sig copied/stole their design to make a plastic housing with a multi-functional metal part (the chassis) for use with the P250/320. Judge DiClerico wrote this as the cause for dismissing the case: “Because the accused pistols do not include a bridge that is an integral, inseparable part of one-piece multifunction metal part, they do not literally infringe Claim 1 of the ‘301 Patent'”.

Basically, Judge DiClerico said that the P250/320 system wasn’t close enough to Steyr’s patent that they didn’t infringe upon it. You can look at the two different platforms and judge for yourself on whether or not this was a ruling based on the facts, or based on Sig recently being rewarded a contract by the Department of Defense.

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