Ontario Rat 2 Review

A $25 Winner

Well, you all know that I absolutely adore the Ontario Rat 1. So in my quest to find a smaller EDC knife, I figured that the Ontario Rat 2 would be the natural choice to try first…that and I bought an Artisan Cutlery Proponent, ANYWAY! The Ontario Rat 2 is literally just a downsized Rat 1. It has the same blade steel, same texturing on the scales, everything.

With it being the same, we’ll go over the specs…and then it’s going to be a copy & paste review almost which is both good and saddening at the same time.


Grip Material: Nylon 6
Blade Steel: AUS-8
Locking Mechanism: Stainless Liner Lock
Blade Style:  Drop Point
Activation: Thumb stud, unassisted
Overall/Open Length: 7 inches
Folded Length: 4.1 inches
Blade Length: 3 inches
Width: ~3/8 inch (not including clip)
Height: 1 inch
Weight: 2.75 ounces

The Review

As you can see in the pictures, the Ontario Rat 2 is just as bland as the Rat 1 in appearances. Basic G-10 feeling nylon scales in OD Green, a drop point satin blade, and a generic thumb stud as it’s opening mechanism. But, it still retains the ability to be carried tip up/down, right OR left handed carry; which is something many knives lack the ability to do.

All around, the Rat 2 seems to be basically the same. The ergonomics are the same user friendly but bland design, the thumb guard works just as well, and the jimping on the spine of the blade is the same. I do think that the pocket clip is a little sturdier than on the Rat 1, which if you haven’t read that review, was less than stellar. And, unfortunately this pocket clip also requires the use of a torx bit so I guess I’ll have to finally invest in a set…since all knife manufacturers use them instead of hex keys for some reason.

As you would expect, the Rat 2 carries like a smaller and lighter Rat 1. The tip down option for the pocket clip lets the knife sit a little bit deeper in the pocket compared to the tip down (the picture you see is top down). It also comes with a lanyard hole if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to use a pocket clip, but just wants to fish it out of your unorganized heathen pockets.

I will say that I see the pocket clip getting loose like I experienced with the Rat 1, however, that’s easily remedied with some loctite on the screws to keep it in place. Beside that, it does an adequate job of staying on your pocket, and it’s not too tight like on some other knives on the market. All around, it’s a well balance knife in terms of how it carries.

For a smaller budget friendly beater knife, the Ontario Rat 2 is just as good as the Rat 1. It’s action is buttery smooth, deploying faster than some of my spring assisted knives, the centering is surprisingly perfect on this, and it doesn’t really weigh much of anything (nor should it). If you’re not a knife guy and you’re looking for a cheaper, smaller, but still dependable knife that won’t break on you, it’s hard not to recommend the Rat 2.

It’s a knife that no one will pay attention to if you pull it out in public. It’s a knife that’s relatively gentle on the budget. And it’s a knife that’s real easy to sharpen to a razor edge; how long that sharpness lasts all depends on what you use it for though. For those that are wondering though, yes. You will have to pay a little extra for different colored scales, or you can get the standard black/plain edge/satin blade for ~$25 on Amazon at the time I post this.

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