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Weapon lights or flashlights in general, are something people are adamantly against for whatever reason. Especially when it comes to potential defensive situations on or inside of their property. The common wordage is, “If they’re kicking down my door I’m just going to shoot them because they don’t belong there.” For that, I have two stories for you all from a few years ago.

The first starts off with me getting home to seeing coyotes running across the back of the property. Having an outdoor cat and a, more or less, disabled dog, coyotes are a major issue. So before going inside, I decide to walk the line of the property to make sure that they were all gone so I could come out with my dog so she could go to the bathroom. As I was walking down the darkest part of the property I heard something running towards me from behind… And this is where a flashlight saved the day.

I turn around, activate my weapon mounted light, and behind me is my dog; someone had let her out as I parked my car. Without the light, she would have been dead. Why? Because the coyotes in that area were known to be fairly aggressive towards people (which is an oddity, I know) and I wouldn’t have thought twice about pulling the trigger.

The second starts off with me being dead asleep at 3 in the morning. My home is pitch black, my outside light is off, and I just had to put my pup down. I get startled awake by the sound of my door being pummeled on, not knocked on, but someone actively trying to break into my home.
I grab my pistol, weapon light attached, leave my bedroom, and aim my flashlight down at the bottom of my house door to be able to see everything; yes a handheld might have been a better option.
Again, the flashlight saved the day though. As the person trying to get in sees my flashlight they stand straight up.

It’s a firefighter, in full kit, trying to get entry to my house. You see, my neighbor down the street thought my house was on fire due to the visible vapor my heating system was putting out from the roof… And I slept through the fire department beating on my door to see if everything was alright. Per the logic I’m seeing, a lot of you would have dead dogs, and you would have maimed a guy that was trying to make sure you were okay.

Being able to identify foe from friend is a necessity when you’re being proactive with your own safety.
Unfortunately, every year, several teenagers, lovers, loved family members are killed because a gun owner refused to use something as simple, and as cheap, as a flashlight. Why? Because they know their rights.

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