Just Pews- Quantified Performance Matches Part 1

Hey everyone, TacCat here! I’ve decided to host the posts that Just Pews puts on Facebook on my website until they can get one set-up. Each article that I post here will be categorized as Just Pews< Content Creator’s Tag. Be sure to go over to their page and give it a like!

This is going to be a series introducing the Quantified Performance, LLC matches. You may be asking yourself, “What is QP?” Well they say “Quantified Performance, LLC is focused on building a community of safe, high performing firearm owners and users. By focusing on metrics such as group size, match performance and several other methods the community will be able to show skills growth, highlight shooting sports and the people that make those activities possible.”

My answer is QP is a rifle series for semi auto DMR style shooting. Targets are typically set from 200-1000 yards and large enough for the average shooter to have a chance of hitting and it’s broken down in too three divisions. Unlike most shooting sports the divisions are separated by barrel length, optic magnification and magazine capacity. That means that if you are shooting in General purpose with a 16” 5.56 rifle with a 1-6X Vortex you could be competing directly against Cameron Hays- Competitiveish Shooter with his 18” Title 2 Mfg gun in 6MM Chyeeta sporting a Shepherd Scopes 1-8X. That may seem a little weird to shooters that are accustomed to other pew sports but it adds an interesting dynamic to the match that I personally enjoy.

The first of the three divisions is General purpose it is designed for rifles that are pretty close to what you probably currently have at home. Less than an 18” barrel, maximum optic magnification of 8.5X you could even run a red dot gun (not recommend) and no magazine limit. So that 16” blaster with a strike eagle will fall perfectly in this category. Next is partial precision this is more for your guns that are set up as a SPR or “baby sniper”. The rules are a barrel of less than 20”, a 20 round limit to magazines, and no optic restrictions. I am assuming most of the serious Coyote hunters reading this have a rifle that will fit this category well. Finally is open division, this is for all the PRS style gamer guns that are purpose built for competition. Barrels must be more than 20” and there is no magazine capacity limit. These are the guns you see that have $3000 glass and barrels that weigh more than an entire general purpose gun. Stay tuned for the next post that will talk about the culture of QP and why you should be shooting it.

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