Just Pews- Quantified Performance Matches Part 2

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Continuing our Quantified Performance, LLC series, I am going to talk about the QP culture and why you are missing out by not being a part of it. I’m going to start with the shooty shooty side of QP. If you are looking to test yourself and gas gun in an objective way that will push you out of your comfort zone but still be achievable QP is for you. When I first began to compete and improve my skills I showed up to a couple local PRS type matches with my rack grade AR and 1-6x optic. My welcoming was less than charming to say the least. I still shot and did not come in last place and learned lessons about my gear and skills but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

I then got in to IDPA and some outlaw two gun competitions while they were much more fun and the people were better to be around it still wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Shooting a rifle at less than 50 yards can build skill but it’s not taking full advantage of a rifle’s capabilities. So I was kind of left with informal ballistic masturbation or shooting to 300 on my local flat range. That is until QP came along with a focus on exactly the type of shooting that a semiauto rifles deserve to be used for. It allowed me the opportunity to run my rifle to the edge of it’s capability while taking advantage of a semiauto platform. Flat out the folks that show up at Arena Training Facility for the two day matches are some of the best people I have ever been around.

You could show up with nothing but a budget rifle and a smile and everyone there including pro and sponsored shooters will be accepting of you and help you improve throughout the match. Depending on what squad you end up on you could be shooting with the guys from Sgt of Arms, Title 2 Mfg, Sons Of Liberty GunWorks, LanxangTactical, or the AMU along with people that have never shot a match before in their life. That dynamic fosters an atmosphere that is not only competitive but one that is about improving everyone involved. QP is so much about improving shooters that unlike other matches they keep the stages from Saturday set up for everyone to shoot Sunday. That allows everyone to go back and reshoot stages that they had trouble with so there is no, “What if I did this?” in your mind when you go home. That opportunity to go work on your deficiencies while having more experienced shooters coach you is more than worth the cost of admission not to mention the packed prize tables and access to a world class facility. Our next post will be about what equipment you will need or want for the match. 

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