TacCat Banned From Facebook

I’ve been at odds with Facebook since I was a young idiot in high school, including catching a 30 day ban for posting some crime statistics from the FBI in a comment. After that 30 day ban I got off Facebook for a fair amount of time, lost track of my original account, and started anew. When I started anew I also started a handgun themed group called Handgun Nation.

This group grew to 21-22,000 members inside of a year and at it’s peak we were going through 500 to 1,000 requests a day if not more…this sprouted the idea of me starting my own firearm related blog which you’re now reading this article on… but Facebook ended up axing the group just citing that it went against community standards with no specifics being listed.

Now we fast forward to approximately October 21, 2020. In the afternoon Facebook completely disabled my account that had been verified with a notarized copy of my government ID. They gave no explanation as to why outside of, “Your account broke community standards,” and not even an email explaining the situation to me or telling me that I was banned.

When going to get the decision reviewed, I got an automated messaged on their website stating that the decision was irreversible; this was the beginning of the end. A week later I opted to create a new account, not believing I had actually done anything wrong. Starting anew with TacCat I quickly built back up to 1,500 of the 8,000 followers I had on the original page, and everything was going swell.

Two weeks down the road, they disabled my account demanding I connect it to a cell phone number (good job at discriminating against the destitute!), which I did and I got the account back. Less than a week later I was prompted to enable 2-Factor authentication; my girlfriend who was on completely different devices and an admin on both pages, also got the prompt for enabling 2FA. Both of us denying it; why would we really want it anyway?

Rambling about 2FA aside, that evening Facebook completely disabled my account, my girlfriend’s account, and completely removed TacCat from their website. Following which, Facebook demanded copies of our government ID’s just to request a review (which they denied for me…saying it was irreversible). 3 years of work building a following, almost exclusively, on Facebook gone… in the blink of an eye without any warning, and without any justification being provided.

After putting a brief summation on my Instagram, Firearms Policy Coalition (who you should be contributing to instead of the NRA) tagged a page called Open Source Defense on my post. Before I continue, it’s amazing that FPC saw my post, and took the time to tag OSD to get their attention to what happened.

Please, head over to Instagram and send OSD and FPC a thank you message on my behalf, it would really mean a lot to me.

Open Source Defense then contacted me for the page information and said they would try their best to get me back on Facebook; so there’s a glimmer of hope that my page will return but the chances of that are dim in my opinion. Even with that being said, I’m extremely thankful to Firearms Policy Coalition and Open Source Defense for taking the time to help me out.

So, what’s going to happen now?

Well, here are the goals for TacCat for the foreseeable future:
1. Getting the newsletter going stronger and better than ever before (make sure to sign-up on the prompt that pops-up)
2. Getting everyone that visits the website over to Instagram and/or MeWe (MeWe is a work in progress currently).
3. Getting those that visit the website to join my Discord server (link down below).
4. Pushing my YouTube channel harder than ever before.

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