Walther CCP M2 Initial Impressions

The Walther CCP M2 has been a handgun that’s interested me for quite some time now. Like the famed and loved Heckler & Koch P7, the CCP is piston driven. This allows the gun to have the appearance of what would be a direct blow back pistol (fixed barrel with a recoil spring on it). Courtesy of the pressures produced by modern 9mm, direct blow back isn’t something we see commonly unless the gun is the size of a Hi-Point.

CZ P-07 Initial Impressions

The CZ P-07, this has been one I’ve been excited to try out, but I’ve been putting it off to broaden my horizons…sort of. My very first firearm was a CZ 75B, since then I’ve been a fan of the metal framed CZs, but I’ve been hesitant to throw down the money on the P-07 due to the Omega trigger system. That said, the P-07 is the gun that has gotten a LOT of people not only into CZs, but into DA/SA hammer fired guns.

Beretta LTT Initial Impressions

I contacted Beretta that Thursday and told them about what was going on and they said they had wanted me sending it in. Before sending it in, I wanted to make sure that there was 100%, without any doubt, an issue with the slide not wanting to lock back on the last round fired. So last weekend I took the LTT out with 115gr and 124gr Remington UMC, as well as some Winchester 124gr NATO (M882). After spending some time and being more attentive to what was going on with the gun, I figured out the issue.