Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun

Military Adopts A New Submachine Gun The military recently announced that they have given Brugger & Thomet a $2.5 million dollar contract for 350 B&T APC9Ks. This contract also includes the magazines, slings, accessories, spare parts, and undoubtedly training for armorers. These new submachine guns are intended to be put in the hands of the

TacCat’s Picks: SHOT Show 2019

Unfortunately this year I didn’t get to go to SHOT Show 2019, but I did get to see most of the things that were announced… some at SHOT, some that weren’t announced at SHOT. In this article I will be doing a “highlight reel” of my favorites and the things that I’m excited about.

Glock to Reveal G43x at SHOT

Supposedly at SHOT this year Glock will be announcing the G43x! We all thought that the 19x was the most pointless thing ever, right? Boy, were we wrong! The G43x is going to be 15mm taller than the G43 and 4mm wider. Using measurements from Glock’s website(less the 43x’s), let’s compare! Glock 43x Height: 123mm

Punishing Parents for Their Children’s Crimes

…that dived into how laws requiring that firearms be locked up have increased crime rates of the worst kind. Crimes like hot break-ins (break-ins when the owners are home), murder, and rape all saw noticeable increases inside of a year. Areas that have enacted similar laws that anti-gunners are proposing currently have resulted in 300 more murders per year…

SuperVel Ammunition is Back!

Alright, for the weathered shooters out there this may be old news…but for some of us young yippies that never really heard of Super Vel it is news…sort of. For those that have never heard of Super Vel, let me fill you in… Super Vel (short for Super Velocity) was a company that started up