Walther CCP Review

Some habits die hard, for the Germans, that habit is using gas to get the job do… ahem, so. Yes, the Walther CCP. It’s a gun that I’ve been admiring from afar for quite some time now for one reason. It uses the same-ish piston system that the HK P7 did way back when BUT, BUT, it doesn’t cost you your first born + your liver when accounting for inflation (P.S. Walther doesn’t hate you like HK does).

CZ P-07 Review

It’s been about a year since I got the CZ P-07 in OD Green from Instruments of Freedom and I think it’s about time I reviewed it. For those new to the website, I’m a huge CZ fan, well… at least a huge fan of the metal CZs. After playing with a P-07 Urban Grey at NRAAM I decided I’d go ahead and give it a try over a CZ P-01; which broke the trend of me reviewing metal framed CZs; and let’s be honest… who hasn’t reviewed the P-01?

So, I got in touch with Instruments of Freedom in Ohio, and Ethan was generous enough to hook me up with an OD Green P-07 for cheap; otherwise I’d probably have gotten a plane Jane black P-07 which would have been suuuuper boring to take pictures of.

Walther CCP M2 Initial Impressions

The Walther CCP M2 has been a handgun that’s interested me for quite some time now. Like the famed and loved Heckler & Koch P7, the CCP is piston driven. This allows the gun to have the appearance of what would be a direct blow back pistol (fixed barrel with a recoil spring on it). Courtesy of the pressures produced by modern 9mm, direct blow back isn’t something we see commonly unless the gun is the size of a Hi-Point.

Walther PPS Review

If you’ve been following the page since I first got the Walther PPS M2, you know I bought it without having ever touched one. The idea behind doing this was to try and improve my reviews for all of you by comparing what I took from other reviews, what I thought was missed, and filling in information that I believe needs to be focused on.

As I’m writing this review, I’m going back to all the reviews/videos I watched on this pocket rocket and comparing it to my own thoughts on the handgun.

CZ P-07 Initial Impressions

The CZ P-07, this has been one I’ve been excited to try out, but I’ve been putting it off to broaden my horizons…sort of. My very first firearm was a CZ 75B, since then I’ve been a fan of the metal framed CZs, but I’ve been hesitant to throw down the money on the P-07 due to the Omega trigger system. That said, the P-07 is the gun that has gotten a LOT of people not only into CZs, but into DA/SA hammer fired guns.

FN FNS-9c Review

The FN FNS-9c is really the hidden gem of the subcompact world. Sure, there isn’t a lot of aftermarket support, but it simply doesn’t need it. The trigger is phenomenal, the grip texturing is effective, and it even comes with a metal recoil assembly! Add in the 12rd flush fit capacity and you arguably have one of the best subcompacts on the market.